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How TQI Can Help Your Business

We Make Your Job Easier

We help overwhelmed business owners by creating unified systems that bring simplicity and clarity to their business. Start evolving the way you do business today!

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A Little About Us

TQI seeks to be a holistic partner that provides smart and strategic solutions through our innovative products. Our products are designed to transform and evolve the way you do business. We focus on enterprise solutions that provide a personalized experience to your customers. Personalization adapts a customer's experience to their interests and gives you opportunities to connect with them. Otherwise your just another TV commercial on fast-forward. We will help you transform your process into an effective marketing tool.

What you can expect from our software 


Easy to use

OmniWeb helps take the headache out of content management. OmniWebs interfaces are clean and simple which makes it easier to find what you are looking for which saves you time and money.

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Ready on any device

Omniweb was built using a mobile-first model. This means that every interface is looked at first on the smallest device. Whether you are using your phone or on your desktop, OmniWeb is ready and optimised to meet your needs.

Drag and drop

Intuitive Features

With features like drag and drop page editing and layout builder options, OmniWeb provides powerful tools that put you in the driver's seat. Start creating beautiful pages and layouts on the fly.

We help overwhelmed business owners by creating one unified website that brings simplicity and clarity to their business.

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