The Forte Group

In 2009, we introduced our premier Professional Services Team, the Forte Group. When you have a comprehensive need that could involve finance, operations, technology, marketing, governance, risk and compliance, HR, and business processes, then you want the Forte Group. The Forte Group consists of our top experts who work together to quickly and efficiently discover your true need, assess risk and create a company-wide strategic solution you can count on. They will not only show you what you need but they will also lead in the implementation which will bring you the results you must have.


Perhaps your need doesn’t demand complex interaction with every part of your organization. No need for over-kill. TQINet as Professional Service Plans designed to meet those less demanding needs, as well. Additionally, we offer Professional Services through our “Shared” experts in the following fields:

  • Finance, Accounting, CPAs
  • Operations
  • Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Viral Marketing
  • Technology, Networking, Cloud Services
  • Process Engineering, Process Improvement
  • Security, Governance, Risk & Compliance / PRISM - Privacy, Risk, Information Security Management


You may not need another FTE as a CFO, CIO, COO CMO or CSO. Why pay for a professional guru and pay the big bucks and big benefits when you only need the expertise for 10½, 22, 44 or 55 hours a month. We've got the right plan and right person for you. They will be on site when you want, leading staff when you want and addressing your board or clients when you want.


So, what is your need? Chances are we’re already helping others with similar needs achieve success. Examples include:

  • A small global business in hot water with their finances, governance & compliance
  • A private school in need of upgrading technology to remain relevant in their offerings
  • A college considering a merger or acquisition
  • A large global business in need of implementing a CRM and Business Process Management System
  • A group of small businesses in need of securely sharing their IT and Communications Infrastructure
  • A global business in need of a multi-faceted recruiting system and process improvement
  • A Christian College trying to keep costs down by trimming expert staff while remaining strong and viable
  • A business desiring to outsource all technology needs effectively in their footprint of 0ver 32 countries
  • A community service organization desiring to create collaboration tools for hundreds of like-minded groups
  • A well-established business in need of becoming compliant with FTC and other regulations
  • A business struggling with how to effectively maximize the web in marketing and customer loyalty
  • An adult care business in need of improving communications and scaling for high growth
  • A Fortune 500 Aerospace OEM monitor for regulatory compliance in environmental, health & safety
  • A Fortune 500 Company achieve 1025% ROI in their customer support center operations
  • A NASDAQ traded bank implement SSO and a WEB 2.0 Employee Portal
  • IT Planning: 6-Sigma / Agile
  • Core Support Solutions
  • IT Personnel Recruiting / Training