Harmony Employee-Match

Harmony Employee Match


Omniweb's Employee-Match is a 3rd generation of our Harmony solutions created specifically for bringing together the right people with the right non-profits. To do this, we needed to make certain we followed specific business rules and protocols for recruiting candidates for open positions, enable oversight by HR and recruiters, area supervisors, national and international supervision, as well as, progress and results monitoring. 


How many steps, touches, exceptions, reports, interviews, references, communications and meetings does it take to match a great employee or contractor to a temporary, part-time or full-time position? It's demanding and exhausting. It can be overwhelming for small teams and tight budgets! Omniweb Employee-Match, brings total harmony through a branded, custom design and user experience. Every candidate and every organization easily creates a profile that communicates who they are and the uniqueness which really sends a message about their abilities, personality and style. Through interactive communications, use of images, video, audio, references and a plethora of criteria which may be customized to meet your needs and preferences, connections are explored and the interview, qualifying and hiring process is achieved.


Employee-Match works by pulling candidates from all the fishing streams of job boards, systems, social media, and recruiters in to the qualifying and candidating process that works for you. Through business rules, alerts, time and event triggers, we eliminate all the manual demands you would feel comfortable in killing by replacing the workflow into the capable hands of our system. You ultimately have the final say, but the time savings, personalization and simplicity provides amazing ROI. We'll help you start simple and add to it, if necessary, to make sure you have a chance to use it and then to use it even more. We've found that just because technology can do it all does not mean that people can keep up right away. It takes time. It takes a commitment to process. It takes managed change. And because the human element is the most important topic in your vocabulary, it takes understanding and care. TQI and Employee-Match is just a phone call away.