Storage/Bandwidth Policy

We have just completed a six-month study of our customer usage statistics as they relate to data storage and data throughput. No, that's not a typo.  You may be asking yourself, "I know what ‘data storage’ is but what is ‘throughput’?“ In short, 'throughput' is bandwidth consumption.  But, here is a little more detailed definition:

‘Data Throughput’ definition: The amount of data transferred from one place to another or processed in a specified amount of time. Data transfer rates for disk drives, networks and the Internet are measured in terms of throughput. Typically, throughputs are measured in kilobytes per second (kbps), megabytes per second (mbps) and gigabytes per second (gbps).  

Upon completing our study of usage statistics at TQINet and The Beracha Foundation, we compared our practices and rates to national averages, as well as, storage and throughput policies nationwide. We found that while 80% of our clients stay within a “normal” range of usage, we do have about 20% who have exceeded the boundaries and have entered into the land of the exceptional. 

“Normal” usage for the average web site falls well below 250 megabytes of storage and throughput each month. TQINet and Beracha both have wanted to provide, without additional expense, for those whose web sites and traffic call for greater usage, so we made it our policy to provide limitless data storage and data throughput for all. We figured that even if a site had tripled the national average traffic, we had the ability to absorb the costs because so many other sites were well under the 250 megabyte figure.  

We find that as telecom rates are restructured and increase for data centers such as ours, we are forced to reexamine our storage and throughput policies in order to stay competitive and value-driven for all clients. Telecom companies base their charges to us by how much total throughput we use while serving our clients. So, the more throughput we need to serve our clients, the more we have to pay each month. 

Rather than exploit these truths and up charge all our clients, we have decided to change our policy and provide fairness and value to all. We have derived a new formula for usage which includes a monthly surcharge for only those whose sites are experiencing exceptionally high traffic each month. This new policy is in line with our competition and national averages but it is far superior in that the surcharges for the exceptional usage will be about ½ of that of our competitors.  

Our new policy allows all users to actually enjoy double the national average throughput without incurring any additional fees. So, provided your web site’s throughput does not exceed 500 megabytes per month, you will not incur a high volume surcharge. If your throughput exceeds 500 megabytes, a surcharge of $4.00 per gigabyte will be incurred for any portion thereof. 

For example, if a site spikes one month from 400 megabytes to 750 megabytes, you will incur a surcharge of $4.00. If a site spikes one month from 400 megabytes to 1,100 megabytes, you will incur a surcharge of $8.00. If a site that experiences exceptional volume of 3 gigabytes, the surcharge would be $12.00 for that month. 

As with throughput, TQINet and Beracha have stood by our policy of not charging for exceptional data storage. However, due to regulation demands, added security costs and SAN fees, we must now apply a surcharge in the same fashion as with throughput. The national average data storage is actually under 100 megabytes. While most sites never come close to data storage which exceeds 500 megabytes, we have decided to add a surcharge to “super-users” of $4.00 per gigabyte for any portion in excess of 500 megabytes. 

Beginning in your August invoice, you will receive a statistic total showing how much data storage and how much data throughput your site(s) have used in the previous month.  For the vast majority of sites, this added information will be the only difference you will notice.  For those with exceptionally high data storage and data throughput, your invoice will also reflect a surcharge for data storage and/or data throughput. 

This is the first time in our 10 years of business that we have been forced to consider a price increase.  Although it is never pleasant, we believe our solution is fair to all and extremely competitive.  

It is our joy to serve you and we hope you will understand and appreciate our new policy and our commitment to service, reliability and support. As we approach our 10th year anniversary, we are delighted to express the fact that we have only experienced 2 minutes of unscheduled downtime in this time period. Our goal is to help you rest – assured that if there is nothing going wrong in your web, storage and virtual network.

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