Alpha-Pure had an aging site and a bulky and seperate ecommerce system. Alpha-Pure also needed some distributers to be presented with specific model numbers and alternative specifications whenever they logged in to the site. TQI developed an integrated site including ecommerce systems while creating unique experiences for distributers of Alpha-Pure products. 


The design team began by wireframing the commerce system and its heirarchies and sorting functionalities and then moved to concepting. 


Alpha-Pure Wireframes


Store organization and layout wireframes 


The client had very specific ideas for the design of the site and requested mimicing another site, but the design team presented a range of options featuring more navigational consitency and usability. 


Alpha-Pure Concepts

Initial Concepts


The client greatly preferred the new and more functional designs, and a hybrid of two of the later concepts was assembled and then the site was developed and filled with the products and informational content.  


Alpha-Pure Concepts

Hybridization of concepts


Alpha-Pure Mobile


Site at mobile screen sizes


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