CenterState Bank Correspondent

CenterState Bank Correspondent (CSBC) wanted a new design that would feature their wide range of products and services with intuitive and prioritized navigation. The design team researched current bank site trends, used feedback from the client to determine areas of emphasis, and constructed three initial concepts that were presented to the client.


One of Three designs presented to the client


Three initial concepts



CSBC (with the guidance of the TQI design team) reviewed, discussed, and selected the design that best represented their character and goals. The TQI team then refined the selected concept.


Concept 1 presented to the client


Finalized responsive concept



The TQI design team then produced and presented designs and layouts for primary pages, displaying categories of services to be broken down into specific products and services.


csbc product page concept


Primary page designs



CSBC also sends out Market Commentary email newsletters to banks all over the country three times every week. Bank personal and investors rely on these newsletters for updates in financial, employment, and regulatory realms. These newsletters and its print PDF and web-version companion were in sore need of an aesthetic update. TQI redesigned and rebranded the newsletter, the print PDF, and the web-version and created a much more visually accessible (and mobile-friendly) layout for the main page.

csbc market commentary concept


Finalized Market Commentary page 



The Results: 

CSBC—so pleased with the new  style—is now partnering with TQI to redesign additional print, online, and email collateral to follow the new look.



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