Security Federal

Security Federal Bank had contracted a marketing firm to design and build thier website. Unfortunately, the more they committed to the design, the more the firm's projected costs rose. Security Federal turned to TQI to complete the project within a more resonable budget nearer to the orignal cost projectsions. 


Security Federal was satisfied with the orignal designs, so they delivered the design files to TQI and our design team assembled and created the necessary resources needed for completion and developed the site and its visual theme. 



Responsive Security Federal Website


The result of the design implementation



To improve user experience and meet the actual needs of the cleint, TQI also created additional functionality and replaced the responsive navigation initally proposed with a more comprehensive and useful system developed by TQI. 



Responsive Security Federal Website


Navigational improvement for more efficient mobile screen usage


The developement team implemented custom workflow functionality facilitate Security Federal's desire for designated areas and levels of control for site managers and content creators, as well as implementing our standard compliant security and privacy features



Custom approval and publishing content management workflow


Custom workflow for approval and publishing 



We can pick up anywhere in the Website Building process and get you back to where you need to be. Whether you have designs you like already or you'd like to see something more beautiful and more useful, TQI is yours to count on in any situation.  


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