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TQI provides enterprise-level software solution in such a way that no one has to purchase it anymore. You merely pay for what you use. You don't have to buy servers and backups systems. You don't have to be concerned with keeping the software updated with new features. You don't have to add specialty IT staff in order to maintain it. You don't have to apply security patches. You don't have to worry about having enough RAM, bandwidth, load balancing or DDOS attacks. All of our services are packaged together into one nice, neat and carefree bundle.

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Omniweb III CMS is our third generation content management system, providing enterprise-level functionality, security, integration and features. Omniweb was built upon a Drupal core and provides all the power, flexibility, security, and compliance requirements demanded by the Fortune 500. In fact, that is where Omniweb got its start. Omniweb is the right choice for organizations that demand the greatest capabilities for the greatest value.

What can Omniweb do for you? Let's start with saving you time, money and manpower. Let's add to that top-line growth. While we're at it, let's talk social impact and transformational relationships. Sure, we do transactions but Omniweb delivers far more than mere transactions. With the ability to take on any brand and any design demands, Omniweb is designed to deliver on your terms.

More about Omniweb:

  • We are celebrating the use of our Omniweb solutions with companies in aerospace, banking, manufacturing, healthcare, supply chains, inventory management and more in 85 countries.
  • TQI offers Omniweb packages for small, medium, large and global companies for a fraction of the costs.

Computer infographic

Dataview is the Omniweb III solution for business intelligence (BI) and analytics. TQI's Dataview packages include over 400 powerful interactive, dynamic charts, widgets, geo maps, heat maps, and intelligent dashboards. Dataview delivers the data you need visually to the right people at the right time. Dataview dynamically gathers and reports from a single source, from many sources, and from blended sources. With the added benefits of interactive what-if scenarios, user filters, point-in-time captures, alerts, notifications and messaging, Dataview engages your people when you need them most. Through powerful exception management, escalation and business rules, Dataview makes certain people, critically important events and triggers for action never fall through the cracks. 

Dataview Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) ensure your web site, user management, CRM, C-suite, managers, and people in the field are always on the same page. Dataview delivers the visually stimulating measurements and analytics you can rely on.

Experience the delivery of gauges, widgets, heat maps, pie or bar charts as they come alive. Easily hover and click to drill down to layers of data which lie beneath the surface for as much detail as you want. Enjoy slicing and dicing real-time data for a 360-degree view that matters to business critical and timely decisions.

Portal Logo

Omniweb III Portals have been used by millions of people in business and non-profits. No matter if you are an employee, a client, a donor, a volunteer, a board member, a missionary, an educator, a scientist or physician or a club member; Omniweb specialty portals have been securely delivering communications and data while capturing specific, focused information at the same time. Omniweb portals are relied upon for clear communications, event management, transactions and relationship transformation. Features include:

  • Workflow
  • Multiple layers of roles and security
  • Task management
  • Blogs / Vlogs
  • Secure document control and distribution
  • Customized alerts and notifications
  • Reports, business intelligence (BI) and analytics
  • CRM and HR integration
  • and much more

Board Portal:

A board portal is a secure app, website or blends of both which is designed explicitly for the purpose of facilitating communication between directors and the company. The current generation of board portals supports information exchange and captures the process both during meetings and between meetings.

Customer Portal:

A customer portal is a secure app, website or blends of both which is designed explicitly for the purpose of engaging and supporting customers, building, renewing and accentuating customer relationships through proactive communications. 

Member Portal:

A member portal is a secure app, website or blends of both which is designed explicitly for the purpose of facilitating communication between organization leaders and its constituents. The current generation of member portals Beracha Member Portal supports information exchange, captures the culture and operational communications so important to the members and does so in a way which is culturally relevant.

Employee Portal:

Omniweb III Employee Portals are the state of the art business-to-employee (B2E) communications mechanism where corporate resources and tools are shared among employees depending upon their individual needs and preferences. Making the right information and tools available to the right people in the right positions is just part of the equation, though. When a rich set of information about processes and policies is provided to employees, the sense that employees control their own destinies becomes a significant factor. Coupling function with fun and social features engages employees and lifts morale.

Medicine & Science Portal:

Built specifically for Medical and Scientific associations, TQI's Medicine & Science Portal brings together every feature of a state-of-the-art employee portal. But what makes it most unique is that we've added the workflow and ability to manage the collection and formal selection of science and medical abstracts from the beginning to the end including publishing the collection of papers with the added creation of conference presentation slides using Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe PDF formats, which brings it all together. This even includes the ability to process necessary funds associated with the abstract submission process, as well as membership and events.

omnicart logo

Take complete control over your product catalog. Organize with categories, manufacturers, or with attributes and display them how you want and how your customers want based on their preferences. All Omniweb III eCommerce products integrate with CRM and inventory management systems, as well as, support attributes, variants/options, kits, groups, subscriptions, wholesale and custom customer pricing, inventory, related products, and more.

Need 360-degree rotational product views? Need explosive views? Need secure views for a group which is different from other groups? Need to start small and grow? Tell us what you need and we'll guarantee the right-sized package for you guaranteed satisfaction.

All Omniweb III eCommerce packages are supported by Beracha Payment Solutions which ensures the lowest transaction costs anywhere and PCI compliance. We will not sit on our money or hold it to invest for days or weeks. Most transactions are yours in the same day or next business day depending on when the transactions take place.

nspire logo

nSpire is a Social Donations and Donor Portal Engine. nSpire is rightly named because nSpire tells your story in the most effective way. nSpire is designed to generate donor inspiration.

nSpire doesn't just take donations and is far more than a donation site or crowdfunding site. nSpire gets your story heard by people everywhere. Through the use of social media, Google, Bing, Yahoo, tags, geolocators, widgets, social advocacy, and many other strategic features, nSpire helps you proliferate your story.

We designed nSpire to make your donor experience quick, easy and powerful. In just two clicks their inspired donation is on its way. After the first donation, every donation thereafter is as simple as just two clicks. nSpire also welcomes your donors back providing them with a secure donor portal, receipts, giving history, payment management, alerts, notifications and even suggestions for additional giving opportunities that inspire even more donations and heartfelt support. nSpire seamlessly works with and integrates with your donor management and CRM.

secure share logo

Omniweb III SecureShare uploads, stores and downloads your files using the most secure protocols available for maximum regulatory compliance.

Categorize, sort, and manage files which tracking users and logging their file usage. SecureShare provides access control based upon user roles and profiles, file categories and individual files. SecureShare even reports usage information to administrators. Added alerts and notifications make Omniweb III SecureShare a great compliment to any website, portal or blog.

decision wizards logo

Omniweb III Wizard is pure magic. Sometimes referred to as decision trees, TQI's Wizards magically make the most complex propositions so simple that a decision becomes a "no-brainer".  

First created in the 90's for Fortune 500 companies to capture the experience and genius of seasoned employees on their way out for retirement; Omniweb Wizards captured complex information that assured young twenty-somethings just out of college the wisdom that only experience could provide. They made great decisions using the Wizards because the right decisions had already been made. Standing on the shoulders of a previous generation, the legacy of wisdom continued on well after the retirement of so many great men and women.

When used in sales, Omniweb Wizards help potential buyers understand the value stream of complicated offerings and packages; which selections are right for them and why their decision is a simple and easy decision to make. Cha-Ching $$ and the customer who had been previously scared off by their lack of understanding now suddenly says "sign me up"!

TQI is releasing the Omniweb III Wizard technology to help customers and constituents assimilate and understand your value proposition so they will buy-in and relate to your value proposition. Wizards lead your potential customers visually and with simple logic through a series of questions and choices and then matches their needs up with your offerings... the offerings that are best for them. The ending result is a full contact decision to become engaged in ways that delight them with your product and/or service.

harmony logos

Omniweb III Harmony solutions locate, connect, recruit, qualify and manage people. How do you capture new people and assimilate the right people into the right places and positions? Harmony solutions bring them all together utilizing the best process and communications available. Need volunteers? Need doctors and nurses? Need educators? Need executives? Need uniquely gifted and skilled people to accomplish your mission and goals?  Omniweb III Harmony solutions will make it happen.

Combined with your CRM or with one provided by us, Harmony solutions has been recruiting and successfully placing the right people into the right seats in the US and in over 65 countries for over ten years. Used by charities, denominations, independent missions, colleges, churches, specialty camps and more; Harmony solutions methodically matches best practices for process, alerts, reporting, and social media to maximize fulfillment of your HR and recruiting needs.

Equipped with easy to use reporting and interfaces, if an administrator can use a mouse and a keyboard, they can make any change desired to all content, blogs, vlogs, and content types 24/7. If you desire financial transactions during your recruiting, all Harmony solutions provide the easiest solution known.

All harmony solutions come with your custom design and brand and can meet even the most complex demands of personalization and recruiting methodologies needed. Need to change your process mid-stream?  Not a problem. The use of business rules in our code makes your decision an easy procedure.

secure share logo

TQI's Kudos is an online review management system. Kudos purpose if to help you generate online reviews for your business, help you listen to what people are saying about your business on the review sites that are most important to your business, and respond to those reviews. All of which help SEO and build a community around your brand.

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