Social Media Implementation

Your social media platform may be the first way potential donors and clients interact with your brand. Video and Imagery are necessary on platforms like Facebook for your content to be seen and shared. Designing your social media presence can rival the importance of your own website for the proliferation of your cause and brand.


Social Sharing

Good marketing plans for social media need these steps:

  1. Select Audience
  2. Set Goals
  3. Choose Appropriate Platforms
  4. Develop Tactics
  5. Establish Processes
  6. Extend Social Reach
  7. Develop Engaging Content
  8. Monitoring & Measure

Design and brand consistency is crucial through steps #4 through #8. We will tailor video and imagery to maximize your visual presence, “sharability,” and engagement while maintaining the quality and consistency of your brand.


Let us plan and design your online presence.



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