Recent Project Examples

In addition to dozens of smaller projects we work on every month, TQI's software development teams are working on some very exciting custom web applications. Let's include the good, the bad and the ugly to quote an old Clint Eastwood movie title.


First, the Good...


#1    Product manufacturer for environmental aftermarket products / B2B customer distribution portal


Utilizing TQI's Omniweb III content management system (CMS), Omniweb Customer Portal and nSpire Commerce products; TQI built a best-of-breed internet site and Business-to-Business extranet application used by 3,000,000 customers. The combination website and secure portal recognizes existing customers from potential new customers and serves them with personalization that is a recognized best practice for marketing and sales. We know when customers witness and feel your care in meaningful ways, they will be loyal to you.


Our client's key markets include:

  • Compressed Air and Gas
  • Clean Rooms for Pharmaceutical & High Tech
  • Energy & Gas Turbines
  • Steel & Foundries
  • Mining
  • Medical, Hospitals & Labs
  • Transportation
  • Paint Booth
  • Custom Filtration Solutions
  • OEM Product Development

 The focus of TQI's technology approach translates into savings of time, money and manpower while increasing our Client's top-line growth. With tens of thousands of products and special product configurations, our Client can easily administer their products for every client even though many clients are resellers that insist upon different branding, different product and model numbers, different colors and different pricing and purchasing rules. Added to this is the need to integrate seamlessly with the Client's CRM, inventory management system and EDI. TQI delivered.




Next, the Bad...


#2     Olympic swim club / swim team management system


Note: What's bad about this?  The only thing bad about this is an unforeseeable timing delay due to the 2016 Olympics and resulting demand of our Client's leadership focus. Please review what we are doing below and know we will continue to do this special programming project after the brief pause... Join TQI as we chant "USA - USA - USA" this summer in Brazil!!!


Utilizing Blackbaud's eTapestry Donor Management / CRM system in conjunction with TQI's Omniweb content management system (CMS) and our nSpire social donations and donor portal; TQI is building a best-of-breed internet and extranet application needed by approximately 2,500 non-profit Olympic swim clubs for their total swim management, family, team, fund-raising and donor experience. It is a unique application specific to the needs all similar organizations have in common. Partnering together, with SwimMAC Carolina, TQI is investing between two and three million dollars for development. No official name of this end product has been agreed upon yet. The first stages of planning and development are in process. It is built upon an overlay of incredible experience, existing processes and discovery provided by Olympic swim coaches and entrepreneurial leadership.


The focus of TQI will be to make this solution standardized on a platform which can be scalable, easily supported, and enhanced with updated technology solutions, reporting, business intelligence, analytics, compliance and security features. It will provide an affordable and much needed solution for up to three levels of Olympic swim clubs ranging from small to extra-large in size. Improved efficiencies, the elimination of manual labor will make this highly valuable and will provide a level of sustainability not currently available. The return on investment (ROI) is targeted for 300% in the first year of use. It will be made available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to other swim clubs. The overall objective for this custom programming project will be to provide financial sustainability in the form of new revenue streams for every swim club in the US that uses it. For some swim clubs, their software subscriptions will be reduced from about $100,000 annually down to as little as $25,000 annually.



Now, the Ugly...


#4     State-Wide Physician's Group


Note: What's ugly about this?  The only thing ugly about this was the fact our TQI developer team and consultants were unable to provide a working solution. This doesn't happen often.


After investing 10 hours of consulting at no cost to our client, we were asked to create a technology solution that would utilize our Omniweb Portal and Dataview Dashboard products. The Statement of Work (SOW) was signed, a deposit for work received and delivery date was set. That is when we were provided new information. The enterprise database and infrastructure we were supposed to utilize (belonging to the State of Ohio), was found to not be updating as promised by government officials. We were told the system would update and provide data for our client in near real time. We found it was updating once every three days. We reported and inquired and then it was "fixed" as defined by Ohio leadership. Unfortunately, they never were able to provide near real time updates. At best, Ohio could provide only an updated data source every 24 hours. This rendered the project deliverables worthless. 


Never having an attitude of defeat, we approached our client and suggested an alternative plan. We adjusted the SOW to account for time changes necessary for a different approach and we proceeded to create a screen-scraping application which would gather real-time data from the state's web site, an alternative data source. We would not do this normally, however, we received a signed memorandum of understanding (MOU) which authorized us to do this from Ohio attorneys. Given the circumstance of government politics being involved, we suggested our client fund a feasibility study to make sure the approach would work.


We decided to pull the plug at 16 hours. While we were able to accomplish some of the goal and deliverables, the overall project was further inhibited by new controls the state refused to address.


The good news is our client paid only a fraction of the cost for the investment we made but the really bad news was our client recognized that working with a state government can be most frustrating. What could and should have been a great, affordable application effectively serving accident victims throughout the state ended up a failure because the government fell well short of doing what they said they would do. We refunded our client's deposit and tore up the SOW.


Now, on to the work we are proud of and how other similar groups are currently using the same technology:


TQI's Omniweb Portal and Dataview Dashboards are in their third generation of advancements. Business of all types and sizes are relying on TQI solutions because they deliver with excellence and value. We care about your return on Investment (ROI). TQI integrity delivers 100% of the time. TQI software services delivers 97% on time and 99% on budget.




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