Specialty Software Development

TQI's software development teams are committed to helping the companies we serve reach their goals and meet their needs. While off-the-shelf solutions provide incredible resources, often times they don't go far enough in the effort to meet all your needs. We know this because we are called upon every week of every year to help organizations like yours take their off-the-shelf solutions the last mile, providing maximized benefits while saving time, money and manpower. There are many advantages to creating custom software solutions and enjoying the power of multiple systems integrated fully and seamlessly.


TQI has created dozens of bolt-on solutions for existing software. We've held the hands of countless small and large groups to make existing software work better, align more completely with their needs and we support it once it is implemented, as well. All our developers have created software solutions and system integrations with and for Fortune 500 companies, as well as, cutting edge start-ups.


Sometimes the vision of an organization is greater or faster than the software development community. Other times software development companies simply do not believe niche markets represent a sound return on investment so they choose not to meet those needs. When this happens, visionary leaders come to TQI to pitch their ideas so we can create custom software to meet their needs. TQI's standardized methodologies make the custom software easy to support and maintain. Furthermore, TQI will host the new software for you in our Tier I data centers for maximum security.


Specialty Software Creations include:

  • Custom web applications 
  • Advanced mobile apps
  • Systems integration
  • Custom databases
  • Data cubes which gather, combine and deliver data
  • Business intelligence (BI) and analytics in highly graphical dashboards
  • Real-time alerts, notifications, SMS and phone calls


Let's get started!