SaaS is the model TQI utilizes for virtually all our software solutions. In the 90's, SaaS was referred to as ASP because providers were considered to be Application Service Providers. The expansion of the Internet during the days brought about a new class of centralized computing which provided businesses with the service of hosting and managing specialized business applications, with the goal of reducing costs through central administration and through the solution provider's specialization in a particular business application.


Very few back then succeeded well. Too much was hype. IT companies were feeling their way in the dark from a model of charging for software and licensed "ownership" to what was determined by stock holders as a risky proposition. The bottom line is that nervous investors actually fought against the new model which, after the burst of the bubble, came to be known as Software as a Service.


Today, SaaS has proven to be the most effective way to utilize software across the board. Distribution, pricing, quality control, upgrades and customization all happen in a way that is more profitable, more efficient and more affordable. So many improvements have happened in networks, infrastructure and evolution of the internet that today we are finally seeing what was promised by the visionaries back in the 90's.


Today TQI provides world-class software solution in such a way that no one has to purchase it any more. You merely pay for what you use. You don't have to buy servers and backups systems. You don't have to be concerned with keeping the software updated with new features. You don't have to add specialty IT staff in order to maintain it. You don't have to apply security patches. You don't have to worry about having enough RAM, bandwidth, load balancing or DDOS attacks. All of the services are packaged together into one nice, neat and carefree bundle. It is all inclusive.


Check out what we've been creating since those early dot-com days in the 90's. Under continuous improvement, our software solutions (which integrate seamlessly) include remarkably competitive software for:

  • Web sites / Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • eCommerce / Carts / On-line stores / Paywalls
  • Social Media
  • Donor Portals / Member Portals / Employee Portals
  • Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics
  • HR / Recruiting
  • Volunteer Management
  • Mission Management
  • Decision Trees / Wizards


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