Omniweb III Dataview Solutions


Omniweb Dataview Solutions


Dataview is the Omniweb III solution for business intelligence (BI) and analytics. TQI's Dataview packages include over 400 powerful interactive, dynamic charts, widgets, geo maps, heat maps, and intelligent dashboards. Dataview delivers the data you need visually to the right people at the right time. Dataview dynamically gathers and reports from a single source, from many sources and from blended sources. With the added benefits of interactive what-if scenarios, user filters, point-in-time captures, alerts, notifications and messaging, Dataview engages your people when you need them most. Through powerful exception management, escalation and business rules, Dataview makes certain people, critically important events and triggers for action never fall through the cracks. 


Dataview Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) ensure your web site, donor management, CRM, C-suite, managers and people in the field are always on the same page. Dataview delivers the visually stimulating measurements and analytics you can rely on.


Experience the delivery of gauges, widgets, heat maps, pie or bar charts as they come alive. Easily hover and click to drill down to layers of data which lie beneath the surface for as much detail as you want. Enjoy slicing and dicing real-time data for a 360 degree view that matters to business critical and timely decisions. Experience for yourself the Dataview package best suited to your needs:


Dataview Charts

Dataview Charts+

Dataview Dashboards

Dataview Widgets

Dataview Maps



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