Dataview Charts

Omniweb Dataview Charts


Dynamic, Data-Centric Information Delivery


Dataview Charts are packed with power features that let you have full control over the aesthetics and behavior of all the charts. Additionally, the technology of each chart through our API exposes even greater functionality like client-side data updates, updating individual parameters, exporting charts as images or PDFs, and creating multi-level drill downs. Dataview Charts brings information alive through visual appeal, exciting animation, smart designs and rich interactivity. Enjoy the same experience across all devices, browsers and platforms. Dataview is 100% mobile responsive.


Choose from: Live Bar & Column Charts, Live Line & Area Charts, Pie & Donut Charts, Zoom Line Charts, Combination Charts, Stacked Charts, Scroll Charts, Bubble & XY Charts, or Pareto & Marimekko Charts. See a few examples below. Or ...

Download All Examples (3.3 MB PDF)


Omniweb Dataview Column Charts

Omniweb Dataview Pie Charts


Omniweb Dataview Area Charts

Omniweb Dataview Bubble Charts


Download All Examples (3.3 MB PDF)