TQI's Omni-Cart e-Commerce system is TQI's revolutionary, enterprise design platform which lets you create stores that engage shoppers and turn them into buyers. All Omni-Cart sites benefit from your complete integration with your custom design for maximized brand experience. Drive more traffic, convert more visitors and seamlessly sell your products in more places.


Omni-Cart is a hosted solution designed for businesses which eliminates most up-front fees in favor of a monthly subscription which includes an average uptime of 99.999%. Omni-Cart is a full-featured system filled with everything you need to do business in the US and abroad. Features include but are not limited to: 

  • Shopping cart, checkout form, and product catalog management
  • Adaptable user experience can flex and bend to your needs
  • Scalable to grow with your business. Out of the box Omni-Cart can take 14,000 hits per second
  • Easily integrates with major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Your customers can log in and share their purchases with their friends or even promote your products across their networks so you can be where your customers are
  • Includes a complete product administration system, shopping cart, and checkout form.
  • Supports multilingual and multi-currency out of the box, with additional eCommerce features and enhancements available
  • Supports international currency, tax, and language needs. Omni-Cart's core pricing engine and modules make it easy to support alternate prices per currency or dynamic currency conversion and VAT inclusive product price displays
  • Inventory management may be added, as well as, integration to most CRM systems. Some packages available with a CRM included.
  • Includes the TQI Payment Solutions merchant account and credit card gateway
  • With our API, Omni-Cart has been built to integrate with fulfillment services, accounting applications, and more...
  • Custom site design includes 100% mobile responsiveness for smartphone-wielding customers
  • Supports batch imports for every product element, description, image and alternative options

3-Tier Support is always a vital part of your plans and we exceed even that. If you have an emergency, we treat it as our own with 24/7/365 care available via toll-free phone, e-mail, chat and Skype.


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