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A board portal is a secure app, website or blend of both which is designed explicitly for the purpose of facilitating communication between directors and the company. The current generation of board portals supports information exchange and captures the process both during meetings and between meetings.


Beracha Board PortalOmniweb III Board Portals are used by scores of clients to quickly, easily and securely administer top-level business and missional objectives throughout the world. Whether you are in banking and finance, aerospace, global missions and ministry, non-profit broadcasting, or Olympic athletics, the simplicity and convenience of utilizing a board portal is transformational.


How did we get here?

Before the introduction of the tablet, directors would access their board books online, a technically uncomplicated task. But since it was easier to read a document on paper than on a laptop, the paperless boardroom did not become a reality for many years. With the invention of the iPad, adoption of board portals increased, largely because the iPad topped paper for readability. As a result, boards across a wide range of organizations set more ambitious goals. Their directors asked for more than just document access, and many made the shift quickly.


Today, the iPad has been or is being quickly replaced by many other, more secure and business-focused tools like the Surface Pro 3 and 4. Using Surface Pro tablets brings the degree of end-to-end compliance for information security and encryption that pleases IT and Information Security auditors to no end.


Non-profit organization boards, often made up of business leaders who express expectations of efficiency, use portal provided secure collaboration for committee work, and they communicate between meetings with secure and encrypted email. Many general counsels have discontinued the distribution of printed board books, and conduct their written consents, including digital eSignatures on these secure tablets. They have effectively and easily gone paperless. Features include:

  • Bulletproof security features plus complete control over who can see what, when, on which device
  • Most intuitive way to improve communications and decision-making
  • Special committee access and collaboration
  • Board packet and file distribution
  • Communication threads
  • Audio / video interaction
  • 24/7 secure access and monitoring
  • Voting, global search, knowledge-base information storage
  • Offline access, collaborative annotations, quick-build, and more

 In many organizations, the features of a board portal can also be beneficial to the executive leadership teams. In a mobile enterprise, leadership teams are often dispersed and they have communication needs that go beyond email and paper. They need a secure environment where they can share documents confidentially, and they also need tools to conduct secure meetings and a way to drive initiatives and make decisions when they are on the go.


What you look for in a board portal is what we designed:

  • Secure Cloud storage with 3rd-party vendor compliance in a SSAE 16, SOC I, SOC II and SOC III certified data center with HIPAA and DoD regulatory compliance
  • Secure interaction with OneNote 2016 Collaboration tools (encrypted at rest and in transit)
  • Centralized control with the general counsel and Secretary so downloaded content, and directors' notes may be purged remotely, without relying on the actions of directors
  • Ready access for directors who expect their board materials even if they're out of Wi-Fi range

  • Synchronization of content seamlessly between online and offline so any notes made while offline are immediately available when a director is back online.

  • Business rules which are able to ensure what members of an audit committee see is different than what members of the governance committee see.
  • Business rules which differentiate access between various users to enable a control matrix for content segregation.
  • Two-way interactive capabilities that improve decision-making by allowing directors to communicate back to the general counsel in real time on the substantive issues, thus providing greater efficiency.
  • Digital, compliant signatures for documents.

Could you benefit from a Board Portal?