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Research by Gallup and others has concluded that when employees are engaged at work they are more productive, drive higher levels of profitability, are more customer-focused, and more likely to stay with their current employer. Yet only 29 percent of employees are classified as “engaged.” How can we create an intranet experience that engages employees, fosters collaboration, encourages ideation and becomes an integral part of the employee experience? Go social!


"Most people know that nobody is using their intranet.

They know that nobody is engaged, and they know that theirs is missing functionality.

So if you can replace your static intranet with a social intranet,

you can reduce emails and churn, which increases collaboration and productivity."

- Amy Cisneroz


Omniweb III Employee Portals are the state of the art business-to-employee (B2E) communications mechanism where corporate resources and tools are shared among employees depending upon their individual needs and preferences. Making the right information and tools available to the right people in the right positions is just part of the equation, though. When a rich set of information about processes and policies is provided to employees, the sense that employees control their own destinies becomes a significant factor. Coupling function with fun and social features, engages employees and lifts morale.


To strategically create and reinforce your corporate culture is paramount to the mission of employee portal. Whether you’re creating and sharing a vision, aligning your plan to your organizational goals, creating a business case, or starting to measure impact areas, TQI brings a wealth of knowledge, engaging techniques, tools and features to ensure your success.


An effective portal not only provides what is necessary for intuitive use, but it provides for governance, change management, and pathways for maximizing your employee productivity. Omniweb III Employee Portals are packed with features to make online collaboration easier, faster and hopefully more enjoyable! Everything you need to maximize productivity and cut out needless calls and e-mail is standard. From a fast, find-as-you-type integrated search, to fine grained permission settings, to social media widgets, theming and customization, to an integrated knowledgebase. And, if you're a Google Apps user or Microsoft Office user, we also offer integration with all the tools and with Single Sign On.


Activity streams provide effective ways to get a quick overview of who's been working on what. Communicate easily with announcements, company news, or posting questions & answers. All updates come together with comments from individual pages, content updates, form submissions and status updates. Groups are empowered with mission-specific information and interaction. 


Utilizing our user-friendly WYSIWYG editor and drag & drop interface, you can easily build custom online forms directly. You can add exactly the fields you need, without any technical knowledge. This allows you to process all kinds of workflows like creating a form for time sheets, travel expense reimbursements, mileage logs, leave of absence requests, expense tracking, vacancy applications, event registration, room bookings, issue tracking or anything else you need. With additional settings you can set who is allowed to see the filled out forms (i.e. who is the administrator), and who should be notified by email when a new form is submitted, or when the status of a request is changed. Administrators can also create reports of the filled out data, or export them to a spreadsheet.


Every Omniweb portal comes with employee profile pages complete with QR coding where they can list contact information, fields of expertise, comments, useful tips or documents. Profile pages are accessible and explorable using the People Directory, which lists the people inside the organization by their sub group (e.g. department). It's also possible to restrict access to certain profiles or to the entire directory. 

One of the most important goals of an intranet or portal is to allow for effective knowledge sharing. Any employee (with sufficient permissions) can contribute by adding pages to the intranet with simple drag & drop. Pages are very flexible and can be used to write simple documents (like a wiki or knowledge base), share important documents, publish forms, or create rich internal web pages. A version history of all pages is available to make it easy to keep track of progress and to never lose any important information.
Video and audio features include a library for training, inspiring messages and culture and core values reinforcement.


Other features include:

  • Workflow
  • Multiple layers of roles and security
  • Task management
  • Blogs / Vlogs
  • Secure document control and distribution
  • Customized alerts and notifications
  • Reports, business intelligence (BI) and analytics
  • CRM and HR integration
  • and much more...

Could you benefit from an Employee Portal?