Internal Assessments

A renown truth-seeker once said that the reason many are without strength, vitality and in a good state is because they judge themselves and when we are left to judge ourselves we are likely to get a high grade no matter what. It's the whole "fox guarding the henhouse" scenario when an organization places somebody in charge of a job when they actually have a conflict of interest. To do this is often referred to as "self-regulation". Businesses which place a manager of a failed project in charge of the investigation to find out why the project, system, process or intended solution failed typically finds their valuable chickens missing while the manager is found to have chicken breath and a feather or two stuck to his lips. 


We're here to help. We bring subject matter expertise and unbiased findings which will be wrapped up in a nice bundled report along with recommendations for corrective actions or kudos for findings of "well done". We will also provide a list of best practices and recommendations to help you move from good to great. Additionally, we can enable your employees to focus on their core competencies by performing these internal assessment activities on your behalf as a project or as part of our managed services.


We do the work and the reporting - you receive the benefits of getting solid, foundational data which will support your growth, compliance, business improvement and your vitality.


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