TQI's Professional Services


Beracha's Consulting ServicesTQI consultants assure total mission alignment and maximum efficiency. When you are trying to make the right decision, chart a path through unknown territory or tackle a project which demands greater expertise; TQI's complement of specialists could be just what you need in the short, medium or long term.


In 2009, we are introducing our premier Professional Services Team, the Forte Group. When you have a comprehensive need that could involve finance, operations, technology, marketing, governance, risk and compliance, HR, and business processes, then you want Forte Group consultants. The Forte Group consists of our top experts who work together to quickly and efficiently discover your true need, assess risk and create an organization-wide strategic solution you can count on. They will not only show you what you need but they will also lead in the implementation which will bring you the results you must have.


Perhaps your need doesn’t demand complex interaction with every part of your organization. No need for over-kill. TQI has Shared Services plans designed to meet those less demanding needs, as well.


Our Forte Group consultants address every need you could have in the following fields:

  • Finance, Accounting, CPAs
  • Operations
  • Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Viral Marketing
  • Technology, Networking, Cloud Services
  • Process Engineering, Process Improvement
  • Security, Governance, Risk & Compliance / PRISM - Privacy, Risk, Information Security Management


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