IT Security & Compliance

Privacy, Risk and Information Security Management = PRISM. 


Keeping up with operational challenges to maintain your organization is difficult enough in today’s ever-changing environment.  This difficulty can increase exponentially when coupled with data privacy, information risk management, and information security management mandates, requirements and best practices.


Management & Shared Services

In addition to the products and services we offer, TQI's PRISM Professionals are shared service professionals available to provide the following management for your organizational need:

  • Shared Chief security Officer (CSO)
  • Shared Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)
  • Shared Information Security Manager (ISM)
  • Shared Information Security Analyst (ISA)

Our shared services programs allow your organization to benefit from the experience and expertise of our staff without having to expand your current staff levels for full-time employees.


Solution Packages

We understand that needs vary between organizations. To help ensure we meet all client needs while supporting our goal of providing world-class customer service, we have developed multiple tiers of product and service packages. All of our products and services are available individually, as well as, in all-inclusive packages.


Products & Services

The following products and services are offered as our core competencies to help your organization achieve its PRISM goals and meet or exceed legal and regulatory requirements. Our PRISM products and services are developed and delivered by information security experts with experience in a wide array of industries.


Information Security Policies

Information Security Standards

Information Security Incident Response Planning

Third-party Provider (TPP) Security Management

Data Management Solutions

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning

Security Awareness Training and Education


Audit Responses

Organizations can sometimes find themselves inundated with requests from auditors, both internal and external requests. Our team of professionals can help ease this burden by facilitating these audits and providing responses on your behalf. Once we have insight into what PRISM policies and standards you have in place, we can use that knowledge to respond appropriately and efficiently to audit response requests. By partnering with your employees on a quarterly or semi-annual basis, we can facilitate audit response regardless of when they are received from internal or external teams.


General Security and Privacy Consultative Services

General PRISM-based consultative services are always available to our clients for a flat hourly fee. Whether it is to supplement your current resources or to champion a project on your behalf - we're here for you and are dedicated to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.



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