Security Awareness Training & Education

A strong and comprehensive Privacy, Risk and Information Security Management (PRISM) program cannot be effectively implemented without significant focus being given to training your users on information security policies, standards and procedures. The failure to focus attention on the area of security awareness, training and education puts organizations at great risk because the security of organizational resources is as much of a human issue as it is a technology or policy issue.


Everyone has a role to play in the successful implementation of and adherence to a comprehensive PRISM program. The scope and content of security awareness, training and education programs must be tied to existing policies and standards.


PRISM Professionals offers development, implementation and management of a comprehensive security awareness program for your organization to help ensure personnel are aware of proper security practices as well as their responsibilities for information protection. Training modules and accompanying assessments can be provided for all organizational users on an annual or as-needed basis. Specialized training for target audiences, such as administrators, developers, quality assurance personnel and managers, is also available via group forums or online modules.


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