Shared Services

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You may not need another full-time leader in your "C" level, but it is great to know that TQI's shared services group can provide a part-time equivalent for you in the area of finance, technology, operations, marketing, data security, regulatory compliance and process improvement. TQI's shared services plans will provide your organization with part-time "C" level leaders such as Chief Financial Officers (CFO), Chief Information Officers (CIO), Chief Operations Officers (COO), Chief Marketing Officers, (CMO), Chief Security Officers (CSO) or Chief Process Engineers (CPE) when you know that expertise matters most.


Insuring your success with qualified, full-time leadership is no longer the only option you have. Why bloat your budget for a professional guru demanding a large salary, huge benefits, vacation pay, and retirement packages when you only need the expertise for 12 to 80 hours a month. TQI has the right shared services plan for you. We have the right expertise to step in and immediately making a positive impact in your organization. They will be on site when you want, leading and collaborating with existing staff when you want and addressing your board or clients when you want.


Shared Services is a known best practice when you can find the right people. We employee those people for you and they have both a desire and a fiduciary responsibility to answer to you.


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