Benefits (Cost and Market Expertise)

Benefits of TQI's Shared Services 


The benefits of TQI's shared services are amazing. Through TQI people you need and the expertise you demand can be available for a fraction of the cost associated with any FTE. Why do we do this? How is this possible? Are we supplanting with junior staffers instead of the expertise you actually need?


One of the benefits of working with TQI is that we are able to provide and channel a pool of top-hat leaders into small, medium and large companies which represent consistent pools of need. This is who we are. This is our mission. This is what we do. We don't have any "bait and switch" tactics. Our consultants with fiduciary responsibility to your company invest 22 to 88 hours per month into your mission and vision.  Some of our Shared Services professionals are retired executives from Fortune 500 companies who are not ready for retirement but who are also desirous of a little more freedom with their schedules. Others have fallen in love with contributing to smaller businesses that simply would appreciate wisdom and a helping hand. In addition to obtaining incredible resources from TQI, your organization pays nothing for:

  • benefits
  • vacations
  • sick leave
  • insurance
  • healthcare
  • retirement
  • social security
  • unemployment compensation
  • taxes
  • disability
  • severance

TQI's shared services plans are designed with your best interests in mind. Short-term or long, when you do not need a full-time guru; it is time to fill the need with just who you want, what you want and when you need them.


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