Shared Services Plans


Shared services plans are designed to be solutions to meet your needs. The plans can adjust and scale up or down depending upon your needs. Whether you need a subject matter expert for a short-term special project, and extended project or as a regular part of your team; TQI's approach is to maximize your efficiency.


Shared services plans will meet your needs if they only include someone for 10 hours month. If you need someone for 22 to 80 hours a month, then we have beneficial plans for this, as well. Do you need someone full-time for a limited period? We can meet your needs.


Would you like to take advantage of one of our new hybrid plans which provides a CFO, CIO, CMO, CSO or other "C" level experts in one package? We can now provide you with two or more consultants to be at your fingertips when and where you need and as you need. Perhaps you need a Shared CFO for 20 hours a week, a Shared CIO for 12 hours a month and a Shared CMO for 40 hours every 6 months? We can do that. The experts you need, when you need them and a value that cannot be found anywhere else.


Find a plan to fit your budget.