Shared Executives (Subject Matter Experts)

Subject Matter Experts (Shared Executives)


Imagine enjoying the benefits of directly connecting with a proven leader with 25+ years experience in business, organizational leadership, strategic planning, tactical processes and operations. Imagine the ability to pick up the phone 24/7 to talk with your dedicated expert, meeting with him/her over lunch, in preparation for a board meeting or at an off-site for a strategic planning retreat. Imagine having someone on your leadership team trained by and experienced with companies like GE, Alcoa, International Paper, Deloitte, KPMG, Accenture, and Coca-Cola. Imagine the wealth of knowledge, experience and training that is yours when and where you need it on a regular basis.


Whether their experience is in publishing, aerospace, accounting, supply-chain, e-Commerce, client relationships, manufacturing, or something else altogether; our consultants all have the same thing in common: a desire to make a powerful impact for your company. They desire to use their life skills, education and subject-matter expertise to help you achieve success, exceed expectations and reach your goals, all the while providing unrivaled accountability for their work.


How can you afford the expertise and education of someone who has been accustomed to earning massive six figure salaries, stock options, and top-hat benefits? We can all but guarantee you a budget-friendly plan designed with your needs in mind. Can you afford not to have the right people in the right seats of your organization? 


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