This is so cool! "EVA" stands for  Efficient Virtual Assistant. TQI has a whole team dedicated and available to help you when you need an extra hand... a virtual assistant. We are here to meet your needs. To be fair, some of the guys on the team hate being called Eva, but we encourage them to embrace the persona. Our EVA team is typically between 50% and as much as 200% faster than most because this is all they do day in and day out. Experience makes a real difference.


If you're feeling overwhelmed . . . a virtual employee highly skilled with your web site, brand, graphic design, content, print, presentation and video needs is on call for that quick change, or even a more comprehensive change. Have you runout of time and concerned you can't meet your deadline? Just AskEVA. Need a spare set of hands and someone who really knows what they are doing?  Just AskEVA.


We'll meet you with your emergency as we always have, but please give us a little more advance notice. We know how to be miracle workers but we would rather have a little more heads-up if possible.


Just "Ask EVA" by emailing EVA at: