Training from Beracha

While all web apps provided by TQI and many of our 3rd party vendors are simple and intuitive, we have found that maximum performance requires some training and this is especially true for power users. 

If your organization has given you software, a password and responsibility for the upkeep of your system, web site or app, then you have the distinguished honor of being a Gate-Keeper, Key-Master, Guru or hopefully a title more catchy than just a user. In fact, if you are just a user, please come up with a cool title before you call us. Life is too short not to have a fun title. That being said, you have several great options for training. We can train over the phone, via WebEx, via training video or on-site. Our training starts simple, but can also be advanced. Tell us your training needs and we'll work through a plan that is perfect for the way you work.


We provide beginner, intermediate and advanced training on our apps, Blakbaud apps, MicroSoft, and more.


Contact us to schedule training class for you or a group.