Mission & Vision

To create the best user experience for our clients, and their customers, through integrated software, unified data, and business intelligence.

To be the premier provider of technology solutions recognized for eliminating frustration while making business operations significantly easier, vastly efficient, and greatly profitable.

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Core Values

“From the beginning, Dana based his business on what he believed to be the best business principles out there, Biblical principles. Since 1996, these principles have guided all that we do and has shaped our core values. These core values help us to be good stewards of our business and glorify God by leaving a positive and powerful impact on everyone we meet. We treat our clients, employees, contractors, and partners with honor, dignity, and respect. Deuteronomy 8:18 reminds us that it is God who gives us the ability to produce wealth. We are convinced it is by God’s unmerited favor, provisions, protection, and blessings, that TQI was established and that our future rests in His hands.”

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By definition, thankfulness is feeling pleased or relieved. Gratitude is the expression of appreciation for something done or received. Thankfulness can be the feeling after someone gives a nice gesture. Practicing gratitude is showing someone you appreciate through action
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Peace is more than inner tranquility but it is rather a freedom from disturbance. Peace is a state of wholeness and completeness. Having “things” doesn’t bring peace and the presence or absence of money in our lives doesn’t bring abundance but rather peace brings true
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Our organization is built on life-long relationships, friendships, and mutually beneficial goals. We communicate with candor, transparency, dignity, and respect. People aren’t perfect and we all have bad days so we remember give grace to others and we hope for the same grace
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Commitment to our faith and our families represent fundamental values in our organization’s culture. We believe the reality of God is greater than any man understands of it; we can set no limits to His power and His love. We strive to honor God, practically, by serving our
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It is great to consult and ideate. It is great to see those solutions comes together and to celebrate success. However, the longevity of our relationships must stem from more than a great solution and service implementation. We refuse to drop the ball and leave our clients
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We approach business decisions with an emphasis on long-term, sustainable growth and the committed career development of our officers, employees, and contractors. We put our employees first because when our employees are personally and professionally satisfied; they will, in
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Our innovative business structure is designed to value the unique character of the organizations we serve. We study to know our client’s DNA, their culture, their business, their vision, and mission, as well as their challenges. We listen first. We encourage informed