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Design Services

Web Design

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We want you to have the best site, and the assurance of its design relevance—so our packages eliminate up-front costs to provide long-term solutions. Our strategy is to provide you with a fresh, new world-class custom design every 24 to 30 months (aligning with the best practices for today's top sites) so your site never becomes stale.

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Graphic Design

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With decades of print design experience, our design team can design whatever you need—print or digital. Here are some of the typical services we provide: Logo design, brand creation and guidelines, business cards, letterheads, branded collateral, brochures, posters, signage, infographics, mail, and enews campaigns and much more.

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The feeling of quality when visiting a site is in the interaction with it. Instinctive navigation and reactive design communicate feelings and thoughts into the minds of your users. It is vital that these communications speak to the quality, reliability, and innovation of your organization across devices and platforms. Our designers are available to consult or design user interfaces and experiences on your application or website.

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Newsletter Design

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Increase your number of visitors by sending an elegantly designed enewsletter that will draw potential visitors to your call to action. TQI can design templates for your regular newsletter, design special emails, and completely handle everything from list creation to scheduling.

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Social Media

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Your social media platform may be the first way potential donors and clients interact with your brand. Video and Imagery are necessary on platforms like Facebook for your content to be seen and shared. Designing your social media presence can rival the importance of your own website for the proliferation of your cause and brand.

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Video and multimedia

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Create an immersive experience that engages and informs your audience. Whether it is a video that captivates their attention or a presentation that brings clear understanding, our goal is to help you communicate effectively in an immersive way. Our services include: Product & campaign videos, presentations, training, instructional, and so much more.

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Programing Services

Custom Programming

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We hire and train the best, quality is key. Our programmers utilize best practice coding, revision software, standardized coding libraries, and internal code communications. Optimized code, database caching and well-architected database structures combined with end-user requirements ensure the fastest delivery of expected information for all. Security coding requirements are always at the foundation of every programming project.

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Today TQI provides world-class software solution in such a way that no one has to purchase it anymore. You merely pay for what you use. You don't have to buy servers and backups systems. You don't have to be concerned with keeping the software updated with new features. You don't have to add specialty IT staff in order to maintain it. You don't have to apply security patches. You don't have to worry about having enough RAM, bandwidth, load balancing or DDOS attacks.

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We eliminate the constant pain of hardware investment. It's all included. We eliminate the constant pain of not having the right expertise, experience and skill sets when you need it. It's all included. We eliminate the constant pain of dealing with hacker attacks, malware, and identity theft. It's all included. We eliminate the constant pain of fluctuating and unplanned financial hits. It's all included.

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Security Services provide the most advanced donor / member protection and encryption available for all transactions, as well as, personal identity and information security.


Consulting Services

ADA Compliance

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Ensure that your website is accessible to everyone with TQI accessibility testing. We can perform a full audit of your website and complete all the updates and enhancements you need to conform to the WCAG 2.0 standard. Your website will be usable by everyone and comply with the ADA.

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TQI consultants assure total mission alignment and maximum efficiency. When you are trying to make the right decision, chart a path through unknown territory or tackle a project which demands greater expertise; TQI's complement of specialists could be just what you need in the short, medium or long term.

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Marketing Services

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Where are you? What’s working? What’s failing? TQI’s team of marketing experts will understand your “As-Is” and chart an efficient path for the “To-Be”. TQI provides market assessment, strategy, content, coaching, accountability and results! We combine it all with easy to use IT, Design and Social integration to achieve your dreams and exceed your goals.

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Assessment Services

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We do the work and the reporting - you receive the benefits of getting solid, foundational data that will support your growth, compliance, improvement, and vitality.

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Shared Services

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You may not need another full-time leader in your "C" level, but it is great to know that TQI's shared services group can provide a part-time equivalent for you in the area of finance, technology, operations, marketing, data security, regulatory compliance, and process improvement.

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Managed Services

Data Centers

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Data Centers, if you never have visited one, are amazing. We would love to put you through some shock and awe by having you visit one of our data centers. We'll treat you to a grand tour and help you understand the reason we are able to provide a service level guarantee of up to 99.999% uptime.

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Cloud Services

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Call it Managed Services or Cloud Services or Data-Center Services... it really is all based upon a total-service approach where TQI takes personal responsibility for making certain your company virtually never goes down.

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We help overwhelmed business owners by creating one unified website that brings simplicity and clarity to their business.

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