Accessibility Widget

Our Accessibility Assistant Widget gives your users all the tools they need to get the most out of your website. From cutting edge screen reader technology, to functions that help with many different disabilities, the Accessibility Assistant Widget is ready to cover your accessibility needs.

More About The Widget
The accessibility widget UI
Interface of A, AA, and AAA issues

Accessibility Scanner

Scan, monitor, and coordinate your site-wide and template-level remediation efforts. The scanner shows what to fix with detailed explanations of how to perform necessary actions. With comprehensive scanning of desktop and mobile resolutions, you can identify issues quickly and implement effective fixes.

Accessibility Audits

A manual website audit of WCAG violations with detailed instructions for correction.
Audit Report Summary showing sites URLs and check boxes if they passed
A statement of compliance


Legal Support Program

Address issues raised in demand letters or complaints with confidence. This step- by-step process starts with identification of what needs to be fixed. From there, we implement a plan to fix issues. Then, we provide proof of what has been fixed. We also offer a Managed Accessibility package, where we handle it all with guarantees.


Managed Accessibility

With Managed Accessibility, we handle all your compliance needs! We have a team of experts with global experience in web accessibility and they ensure that your website meets the most demanding compliance requirements through seamless accessibility, providing you with worry-free protection that you can trust.

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