Make your broadcast standout before anyone even listens! Design is a part of the creative process in developing a broadcast and can be a component you may want to consider to revitalize your broadcast every year or for every new season of your broadcast. Design includes branding (colors, fonts, etc.), logo, broadcast artwork, episode artwork, and episode descriptions.

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Pre-Production is about building the elements inside the broadcast that will be re-used on a regular basis. This could be the intro, outro, commercials, promos, and special segments inside the broadcast.

Hosting & Distribution

For your broadcast to be distributed on different platforms, your broadcast will need to be hosted. Beyond the media of the broadcast, this is also where your design assets will be linked. We will help you determine the best hosting platform, link the hosting platform to distribution, and then schedule release dates.

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Video editing software


This is the step for creating the media for your broadcast – where you are talking into your mic and looking into your camera. After you record the media, it may need to be cleaned up and mixed down. It could be as simple as head and tailing the clip to editing out the mistakes, stall words, and phrases. Then, there is the master mixdown which includes adding the intro, outro, commercials, promos, transitions, music, or any other media to the final broadcast.


As a broadcast host, you are probably passionate about your main topic of expertise, but you may need some help organizing your thoughts. We will help you outline your broadcast, develop segments, and help with guests, research, and writing. This could be limited to talking it out before the broadcast to developing the vision for future episodes.

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Camera, Microphone, and Lights


There are limitless options to hardware choices. We will help navigate all the choices you need to make, to meet your goals within budget. Including cameras, mics, lights, backgrounds, and more.


Like hardware, there are limitless options when it comes to software. These are programs that help record and edit your broadcast.  We have some of our favorites that we would be happy to show you such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Streamyard, Xsplit, Vimeo, and more.

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One of the greatest fears people have is speaking in public. When talking to a crowd, you can see the, both good and bad, reactions. When talking into just a microphone, with limited crowd interaction, it can be difficult to see where improvements can be made. This is where coaching comes in! We will help with productive feedback by encouraging strengths and helping develop weaknesses. Let us help you tell your story effectively.

Broadcast Package Options

Broadcasting packages designed to meet you where you are and be flexible.


Consulting package focused on set-up, teaching, and instruction for a successful broadcast. At the Essentials level, you and your teams are capable of creating and editing media but you just need some guidance to move tasks along. Learn more by clicking ‘Get Started’.

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Includes all Essentials items

Includes the consulting from Essentials but provides a more hands-on approach including creation of assets such as a logo, episode template, and post editing. Learn more by clicking ‘Get Started’.

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Includes all Essentials and Allegiance items

At the Enterprise level, you can expect TQI to do the heavy lifting. With limited exceptions, your role in the podcast is to record the content and we will do the rest. If you want someone else to record the content, we can do that for you too! Learn more by clicking ‘Get Started’.

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