Updates to the Scheduler UI

As our product matures, we strive to make improvements based on our customer's feedback and experience with our system.

This month, we're releasing an update to the Scheduler UI that will help make the end-user experience more user-friendly.


Current state is returning to the "Save as" option list.

scheduler UI published

In our previous iteration, we removed the current state from the list of "Save as" options. With the latest update, it's returning without the ability to schedule. This will help clarify to the end-user whether or not their moderation state is changing when their content is saved.

Questions about the change

What does this mean for my workflow?

With this change, your workflow doesn't change, but it should be more clear to your end-users what's happening in the system with their content.

What transitions can be scheduled?

The following are the schedulable moderation state transitions:

  1. Draft to Published - If you're working on a new page, it defaults to Draft and is unpublished. You can schedule it to be published at any point in the future. If you're working on an existing published page, you can create a New Draft while keeping the current version published, then schedule your change for a later date.
  2. Published to Archived - If your content is published, you can schedule it for Archived so it is unpublished on your configured date and time.
  3. Archived to Published - If your content is Archived, it is unpublished and you can schedule it to be published.

What transitions can NOT be schedule?

The following are moderation state transitions cannot be scheduled:

  1. Drafts - Drafts cannot be scheduled because they don't change the published status of content. Drafts are visible only to content editors. If your content was unpublished when you started a new draft, it will stay unpublished. Likewise, if your content was published and you create a draft, it will stay published, but start a draft in the backend for you to publish later.
  2. Current state to current state - In other words, Draft to Draft, Published to Published, and Archived to Archive.
  3. Draft to Archived - Drafts are meant to be published. If you're working on existing content that is published and you're working on a draft, but you need to unpublish, choose Archive now.