Service Continuity Planning

PRISM Professionals recognizes that your customers and consumers expect reliable and timely delivery of the products and services for which they rely on your organization. Following ITIL terminology, PRISM Professionals Service Continuity encompasses both business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) solutions. Continued reliable and timely delivery of products, services and operations are of paramount importance to you organization, even in the face of an unplanned, extended outage.


We will help your organization plan for system failures or natural disasters that create an extended interruption to normal business operations. The primary objectives of our Service Continuity plans are to:

  • Identify critical people, processes and technologies that would need to be replicated or recovered in order to provide you products and services in the event of an emergency
  • Create a strategy to recover the ability to deliver your products and services in the event of emergency situations
  • Identify adequate equipment and technology solutions required to execute your Service Continuity strategy
  • Test the Service Continuity strategy on a periodic basis to help ensure it will function properly in the event of an actual emergency

Our philosophy is one of disaster avoidance. Our goal will be to anticipate potential interruptions to your critical business processes and to help you employ the appropriate tools to proactively prevent those interruptions.
Operational components of Service Continuity planning include:

  • Identifying risks to critical systems and applications
  • Training organizational stakeholders on emergency preparedness
  • Establishing Service Continuity teams
  • Developing and implementing key documents and procedures for Service Continuity
  • Plans for mobilizing your Service Continuity team(s)
  • Service Continuity plan testing
  • Recovery team training and management
  • Ongoing management of Service Continuity plans


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