Customer Portal


A customer portal is a secure app, website or blend of both which is designed explicitly for the purpose of engaging and supporting customers, building, renewing and accentuating customer relationships through proactive communications. 


Beracha Donor PortalEmpowering customers to receive pertinent updates that customers care about, is crucial to building trust, transparency and accountability. For decades, customer have complained that "all they care about is my money". A great customer portal is an easy to use and dynamic tool which can easily reverse this trend. Every good customer portal empowers and enables customer to:

  • Update and manage their profiles
  • Managed their e-Wallet for transactions
  • Establish preferred methods of communications
  • Subscribe to customer-desired updates, eNewsletters and special events
  • Set-up their desired preferences for alerts and notifications about key interests
  • Review purchase and product history, as well as, view information and analytics about their concerns
  • Compare their involvement to other anonymous customers from around the world
  • Set preferences for 1-Time and recurring purchases
  • Receive automated alerts for updating credit cards about to expire (credit-card dunning)

If you treat customers the way they desired to be treated, your business will never lack growth. It's amazing how respect and care translates into customer inspiration and loyalty.

Could you benefit from a Customer Portal?