Member Portal


A member portal is a secure app, website or blend of both which is designed explicitly for the purpose of facilitating communication between organization leaders and its constituents. The current generation of member portals Beracha Member Portalsupports information exchange, captures the culture and operational communications so important to the members and does so in a way which is culturally relevant.


Omniweb III Member Portals are used by scores of clients to quickly, easily and securely administer business operations and missional objectives throughout the world. No matter if you are a single-celled organization or one with satellite offices or member communities in need of 85 languages automatically translated in order to be effective, the simplicity and convenience of utilizing a member portal is transformational.


It is easier than ever to effectively go paperless and communicate in real-time. Omniweb III Member Portal features include:

  • Bulletproof security features plus complete control over who can see what, when, on which device
  • Most intuitive way to improve communications, reporting, assessing dues, collecting donations and making decisions
  • Special committee access and collaboration
  • Multi-level and divisional communications, packet and file distribution
  • Communication threads
  • Audio / video interaction
  • 24/7 secure access and monitoring
  • Voting, global search, knowledge-base information and storage
  • Offline access, collaborative annotations, quick-build, and more

In many organizations, the features of a member portal can also be beneficial to the executive leadership teams. In a mobile enterprise, leadership teams are often dispersed and they have communication needs that go beyond email and paper. They need a secure environment where they can share documents confidentially, and they also need tools to conduct secure meetings, as well as, a way to drive initiatives and make decisions when they are on the go.


What you look for in a member portal is what we designed:

  • Secure Cloud storage with 3rd-party vendor compliance in a SSAE 16, SOC I, SOC II and SOC III certified data center with HIPAA and DoD regulatory compliance
  • Secure interaction with OneNote 2016 Collaboration tools (encrypted at rest and in transit)
  • Centralized control and decentralized control with multiple levels and roles of authority, leadership and responsibilities content is effective and secure.
  • Ready access for leaders who expect their board materials even if they're out of Wi-Fi range

  • Synchronization of content seamlessly between online and offline so any notes made while offline are immediately available when a leader is back online.

  • Business rules which determine who sees and interacts with the information which is appropriate.
  • Business rules which differentiate access between various users to enable a control matrix for content segregation.
  • Two-way interactive capabilities that improved decision-making by allowing leaders to communicate in real time on substantive issues, thus providing greater efficiency.
  • Digital, compliant signatures for documents.

Could you benefit from a Member Portal?