Omni-Cart Paywall

Omni-Cart Paywall


TQI's Omni-Cart Paywall provides the best features and functionality for the best value anywhere. When added to our Omniweb III CMS, the paywall is a low cost add-on that drives revenue for multiple levels of subscriptions and roles.


Omni-Cart Paywall is used most often by online news media, radio stations, business banking, training content providers and photography banks to provide free and paid access to controlled content, before the content is delivered.


Utilized by churches, publishers and associations, it has often been used to include streamed content, metered reading of books and related published materials, as well as, video on demand (VoD). It can also be used as part of a SSO (single sign-on) gateway solution and other similar contexts in which certain content is restricted to specific users. Omni-Cart Paywall technology can be adapted to fit these kinds of needs easily.


Whether you want to offer loyalty reward access or special client access to be restricted for no cost or have free teaser content for basic members with membership upgrades for "Silver, Gold, and Platinum" paid subscriptions, Omni-Cart Paywall will handle the load. Do you desire metered subscriptions which enable you to charge for time within a site? Omni-cart Paywall fits the bill and it may be your best friend to drive revenue and loyalty while making a huge splash for your social media impact. Some of the features include:

  • Once a user logs in, they can be tracked across your website. Omni-Cart uses big data to provide insight into how visitors are interacting with your website, along with demographic details about every registered subscriber. Combined strength with Google Analytics just adds even great capabilities of user tracking.
  • Sets the groundwork for an e-Commerce system to sell content. 
  • Adds a 'free subscriber' role, allowing users to access free content 
  • Restricts user access to content based on roles
  • Creates a 'Video' content type.
  • The video content type displays videos hosted on Vimeo account
  • The Vimeo hosting allows for strict security for when and where the video can be viewed
  • Creates a 'Document' content type.
  • The 'Document' content type is hosted privately, meaning it has to be accessed through the site. Content is secure and not able to be stolen
  • Tracks each download, recording who it was, when it was, and what they downloaded 
  • Provides download reports for the secure file content type. Displays shows each download – What file it was, when it was downloaded, and who downloaded it
  • Additional displays shows total number of downloads by File 
  • Creates a landing page displaying all of the paywall categories
  • Clicking on a category takes you to the listing of all files in that category
  • Comes with improved search engine for granular and global searches