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nSpire Radio Update:


nSpire Radio promises to be the world's ONLY total management system for non-profit, PBS, & NPR radio and television stations. nSpire Radio combines all the features of nSpire with the total management of all annual or semi-annual special, on-air funding events. nSpire Radio integrates with every donor management and CRM system but was developed initially for use with eTapestry.


What we know so far is that nSpire Radio is has gone through Alpha Testing, Beta Testing and it has passed the first pilot project with a highly successful non-profit radio station, WCSG - Cornerstone University Radio. In the Fall Share-a-Thon we managed and raised over their desired goal of $475,000 +/-. We know we are about to enter into their Spring Share-a-Thon with a similar goal.


During this event, TQI will be filming nSpire Radio, leadership, volunteers and more in order to produce marketing materials which will better address this vital, new product. We are the only ones to create from scratch an entire non-profit donations, donor management, CRM, social donations and donor portal. We are very excited and will keep you informed of our progress going forward.


nSpire Radio will likely provide 4 packages for small, medium, large and extra-large non-profit radio stations. It will likely include many, if not most, of the nSpire social donations and portal features listed below PLUS many more specific to the broadcasting industry needs.


Check out the list of anticipated features in this most powerful version of the nSpire Radio system:


For your organization:

  • Includes basic synchronization with eTapestry, as well as, options for all donor management and CRM system.
  • Includes donations and data exports
  • Includes integration with Double the Donations
  • Includes TQI's Payment Solutions merchant account and credit card gateway
  • Includes custom design and branding options or budget-friendly design templates
  • Includes branded search featuring your organization with NO competitors trying to rip your donors away from you
  • Optionally includes a full-powered web site using Omniweb CMS
  • Optionally includes a full-powered donor management and CRM system powered by eTapestry
  • Unlimited Organizations
  • Relationships (for donor managements and CRM)
  • Activity Feeds
  • Omniweb III Integration
  • Event Management
  • Gift Approval

 For your supporters:

  • Includes 3-click and 2-click donations
  • Includes donation history, reporting and on-line receipts for all donors
  • Includes social media share
  • Includes personalized donation recommendations to your donors
  • Includes payment management / eWallet features
  • Includes ACH / eCheck
  • Commit to volunteer
  • Advocates
  • Advocate Groups
  • Advocate Group Contests
  • Social Impact Reporting
  • CRM Driven / Dynamic Donation Recommendations
  • Pledge Fulfillment

 For your fundraisers:

  • Includes unlimited teaser blocks and unlimited landing pages
  • Includes real-time analytics
  • Includes donation impact for fundraisers and campaigns
  • Includes fundraiser and campaign progress bar
  • Includes recurring donations
  • Includes pledges and/or gifts
  • Includes complete audiovisual and full graphic fundraiser presentations
  • Includes WYSIWYG editor for quick, easy and intuitive set-up
  • Donations Widgets
  • Advanced search
  • Geo-location Tagging
  • Scheduled Donations

More... for stores and commerce:

  • Integrated Shopping Cart
  • Federated Shopping Carts (Multi-Site) options
  • Shipping
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Order receipts
  • Blended donations & Shopping reports for donors
  • Fulfillment Processing Integration


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