Harmony Volunteer-Match

Harmony Volunteer Match


Omniweb's Volunteer-Match is our third-generation Harmony package specifically designed for recruiting and managing volunteers. From simple to complex needs, volunteers are able to change the way organizations exist through countless hours of vital services rendered on behalf of the cause. When your system empowers someone in the community to match their experience, skills and quality against your organizational needs and goals, it is amazing how strategic, high quality volunteerism makes a difference.


With the full complement of volunteer management features you need, the Volunteer Match portal becomes the center point which brings it all together. Volunteer Match truly extends the Harmony solution technology and experience through time tracking, volunteer check-in / check-out, internal messaging, scheduling, training and policy libraries, audio and visual library, and the social recruiting genius that matches organizational task profiles to volunteer profiles that makes your volunteer program really sing. With the added benefits of corporate volunteer grants integration, Volunteer Match is on target to being best in class.


Integrated with any existing CRM you have or with our CRM, Volunteer Match portal provides all the real-time business intelligence, analytical reporting, exception management and Task KPI dashboards you could desire. 


Volunteer-Match is the answer and TQI is the group to hold your hand as we help you sort out the process and logistics. We'll help you start simple and add to it, if necessary, to make sure you have a chance to use it and then to use it even more. TQI and Volunteer-Match is just a phone call away.