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“A compass is a navigational tool with a magnetic needle that points towards the magnetic north pole. Compasses display 360 degrees of direction. Used for hundreds of years, explorers in the past were able to sail, navigate and discover new lands which led to new opportunities throughout the world."

This is where our product got its name. Just like a compass, this tool helps to identify the direction, discover new information, and plot a course.


Compass is an analytics tool to collect, measure, analyze and report web data.

  • Used for business and market research
  • Assess and improve the effectiveness of a website
  • Easy to read breakdown of real-time statistics
  • Track visitors, behaviors, acquisitions and conversions
  • Administrator dashboards visually display where your audience has been, what they do and when they do it
  • Real Time statistic and historical mapping

Customizable charts and graphs

Visualize your website data with easy to read and fully customizable charts and graphs.


Your data, your layout

Place your data widgets anywhere you want with drag and drop functionality.


Real-time and historical data views

Compare live and historical data to see what's working.

The Benefits

Revenue Dashboard

Key Performance Indicators

With Compass Enterprise, see data comparisons in easy to read and interactive charts. Each Dashboard is customizable per user and is tailored to your business needs. 

Compass drilling down a level

Data Drill Down

Click on a chart's dataset to drill down a level and see the break down of the data that populates it. Each data set can be as granular is the data populating it. This means you can drill down any number of levels to access the most granular data. All of which is completely exportable.

Track visitors and what they are viewing in real time.

compass visitor count in real time

Select the data you want to see.

customize graphs

Customize your widgets and layout.

dashboard layout
add widgets

Zoom in on your data.

compass map
data popup
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