Create Fundraisers & Get The Word Out

nSpire is a Social Donations and Donor Portal Engine. nSpire is rightly named because nSpire tells your story in the most effective way. nSpire is designed to generate donor inspiration.

nSpire doesn't just take donations and is far more than a donation site or crowdfunding site. nSpire gets your story heard by people everywhere. Through the use of social media, Google, Bing, Yahoo, tags, geolocators, widgets, social advocacy, and many other strategic features, nSpire helps you proliferate your story.

We designed nSpire to make your donor experience quick, easy and powerful. In just two clicks their inspired donation is on its way. After the first donation, every donation thereafter is as simple as just two clicks. nSpire also welcomes your donors back providing them with a secure donor portal, receipts, giving history, payment management, alerts, notifications and even suggestions for additional giving opportunities that inspire even more donations and heartfelt support. nSpire seamlessly works with and integrates with your donor management and CRM.

We help overwhelmed business owners by creating one unified website that brings simplicity and clarity to their business.

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