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nSpire helps you get your story heard

  • nSpire’s focus is different from many other donation platforms because it focuses on telling a story well and encouraging people to share that story.
  • People too often confuse ease-of-use as being the least amount of clicks to complete an action. This usually leads to connecting a potential donor straight to a donation form in effort to reduce clicks.
  • nSpire focuses on ease-of-use and reduction of clicks but does not omit the story of why people should give.
  • Telling your story and having a donor connect with that story is highly important because it takes an average donor and turns them into an advocate for your mission.

Easy setup

Set goals. Determine dates. Pick a category. Start raising funds!


Easy editing

Write your unique story. Let everyone know why your fundraiser is worthy of their support.


Track your progress

Get a detailed report of donations and sustainers. Track progress towards your goal.

The Benefits

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Helps you find Advocates

Advocates are extremely powerful and they are who nSpire targets. An advocate is not only a donor they are someone who will:

  • Share your fundraisers on social media.
  • Tell their friends about your mission.
  • Encourage others to support you.
  • Engage in long term support.
  • Become an activist.
Donor to Advocate

Helps turn a donor into an Advocate

  • nSpire points traffic to your story, not a form, and not somebody else's system.
  • nSpire gives simple ways to post video and media to help you tell your story dynamically.
  • nSpire gives simple and easy social share options.
  • nSpire provides dollar amount presets with descriptions that allow you to tell an advocate what their donation does to help you.
  • nSpire comes complete with a donor portal that allows a donor to see historical giving, update giving, and puts them in control. This enables a donor to grow their relationships with you.
  • nSpire is designed to integrate with your CRM system which allows you to put a personal touch on giving.
CRM infographic

Leverage your CRM to transcend donor expectation 

  • Donors expect to receive a gift confirmation email. Donors expect to get a confirmation number. Donors expect a standard process.
  • nSpire doesn’t aim to provide a standard process, it aims to provide a personal and superior process through integration.
  • Thank your donor by name.
  • Track donor information and engage them, thank them, talk to them.
  • Celebrate anniversaries, celebrate relationships.
  • Record personal information from conversations, know your customer.
  • Assure that your donors never feel like a transaction due to the personalization nSpire provides.

nSpire fundraiser example

main fundraiser screen

Show and tell information that will help connect with donors and draw them in

provide a FAQ section for your fundraiser

Provide a "FAQ" section for your fundraiser.

Mention and highlight early investors

Mention and highlight early investors in the "Founders" tab.

See all recent donors in the Sustainers tab

See all recent donors in the "Sustainers" tab.

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