What types of D.A.R.T.T. are there?


There are three (3) types of D.A.R.T.T. TQI offers.  They vary in the size and scope of complexity a Client project requires. During the consulting process, the size and scope of the project helps define which type of D.A.R.T.T. is warranted in support of the clients.

  1. A Level 1 D.A.R.T.T.  is for small projects which require 3-5 Developer Sprints. (see https://www.atlassian.com/agile/scrum/sprints or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrum_sprint)
  2. A Level 2 D.A.R.T.T.  is for small to medium projects which require 5-10 Developer Sprints.
  3. An Umbrella D.A.R.T.T.  is for large to very large projects which require 10 - 100 Developer Sprints. TQI uses an Umbrella D.A.R.T.T. to layout ‘the big picture’ of Client’s needs and expectations When an Umbrella D.A.R.T.T.  is needed, a Mini-D.A.R.T.T. is also utilized at the beginning of each Developer Sprint. Mini D.A.R.T.T.s require between 30 minutes but on rare occasions may require up to 4 hours to ensure the development stories have all pertinent information and data needed to make them successful.