Can you help me purchase and manage a new domain?


Yes, we can and yes, we do. TQI manages hundreds of domains for our clients. We manage, secure and coordinate all domains to make sure your organization never has a major malfunction with email, A-Records, Zone Files, lost domains, stolen domains, held-hostage domains, domain scams, DNS issues and more. We simply invoice you annually $50 for each domain and all the services that go with. Additional fees could be more in the event non-standard domains are requested.

We caution our clients NOT to search out for possible domains on their own. There are many scams and sites which “sniff” your activity and then when you are ready to make your purchase, you find the domain is no longer available… and by the way, you could be contacted quickly by someone who has bought it up from you but are willing to sell it to you for 10X the amount you could have purchased it if you had not been ripped off.