Why am I not getting the number of downloads & plays that I want?


The simple answer is, it that it takes time.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you setting realistic expectations?
  • What audience have you developed?
  • Before starting the podcast did you have email lists or a website building an audience?

Many people believe consistency is the key. Give yourself around 100 episodes. If you do one episode a week that may take two years. You will start developing what you like and what you want. Then see if there is an audience for that.

Three Quick Tips:

  1. Make a Goal. Example: I am going to release one podcast a week for six months.
  2. Have a Vision. What is your podcast about or for? Then stick with that vision.
  3. Have fun! Podcasting can be fun. It is a crowded area. If you are enjoying what you are doing your audience will know it too.

Bonus Tip: Find a mentor. Someone you can vent to or throw ideas off of. Hopefully someone who has had some success in the field you are trying to grow in.

For some ways TQI’s broadcasting services can help … please see this.