Alpha-Pure had an aging site and a bulky and seperate ecommerce system. Alpha-Pure also needed some distributers to be presented with specific model numbers and alternative specifications whenever they logged in to the site. TQI developed an integrated site including ecommerce systems while creating unique experiences for distributers of Alpha-Pure products. 


The design team began by wireframing the commerce system and its heirarchies and sorting functionalities and then moved to concepting. 


CenterState Bank Correspondent

CenterState Bank Correspondent (CSBC) wanted a new design that would feature their wide range of products and services with intuitive and prioritized navigation. The design team researched current bank site trends, used feedback from the client to determine areas of emphasis, and constructed three initial concepts that were presented to the client.


Security Federal

Security Federal Bank had contracted a marketing firm to design and build thier website. Unfortunately, the more they committed to the design, the more the firm's projected costs rose. Security Federal turned to TQI to complete the project within a more resonable budget nearer to the orignal cost projectsions. 


Security Federal was satisfied with the orignal designs, so they delivered the design files to TQI and our design team assembled and created the necessary resources needed for completion and developed the site and its visual theme. 



The Forte Group

In 2009, we introduced our premier Professional Services Team, the Forte Group. When you have a comprehensive need that could involve finance, operations, technology, marketing, governance, risk and compliance, HR, and business processes, then you want the Forte Group. The Forte Group consists of our top experts who work together to quickly and efficiently discover your true need, assess risk and create a company-wide strategic solution you can count on.

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