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Your Accidental Mole: 5 Ways Your Employees Could Create a Data Leak

4.5 billion data records were exposed in the first half of 2019.

What Is A Virus

What is a computer virus? / Part IV

How do I prevent computer viruses?

Preventing computer viruses from infecting your computer starts with situational awareness. "Situational awareness is something law enforcement and militaries have practiced for decades.

What Is A Virus

What is a computer virus? / Part III

Let's get nerdy bout the history of computer viruses?

Today's malware authors owe a lot to the cybercriminals of yesteryear.

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What is a computer virus? / Part II

Computer virus examples

Sometimes to understand what something is, we have to examine what it isn’t. Keeping that in mind, let’s play: Is It a Virus?

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What is a computer virus? / Part I

As defined by Malwarebytes Labs, a computer virus is "malware attached to another program (such as a document), which can replicate and spread after an initial execution on a target syste

Is Your Wi-fi Secure

Wi-Fi Safety Tips

We lock our doors, install alarms, and even put bars on our windows to protect our devices, but we leave our home Wi-Fi insecure. Why?

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TQI Announces the launch of a new product, Kudos!

TQI is happy to announce its newest product, Kudos. Kudos is an online review management platform that puts you in control of the reviews for your business.

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Double the Donation: Integration Expectations

How to apply:
Applying for the Double the Donation program with TQI is simple.

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TQI Chooses Double The Donation For Matching Gifts

Cincinnati, OH (Jan 22, 2019) — TQI is proud to announce a new partnership with Double the Donation.