What are TQI’s 5 standard support channels and when should they be used?

  1. Technical Support – This is your standard technical support channel which should be used when experiencing technical difficulties with any of our systems. Contact this channel at [email protected] when needing assistance on the following types of issues:
    • Break/Fix
    • Configuration
    • Software Integration
    Each request is placed into queue and will be processed in the order it was received. This could take hours, or days. If you have time constraints and need something done expeditiously, consider contacting our Emergency Support team at: [email protected]
  2. Extended Support - This is an extension of time within technical support. Extended support is used when the assigned technical team member deems the reported issue will take more than the standard support allowance of 5 hours or less. When additional time is warranted, the customer is contacted to review TQI’s findings, recommended next steps, client agreement and permission for us to proceed within the extended support timeframe of 5-32 hours. It is important to note, TQI never assumes approval to take a standard support ticket into extended without customer contact taking place.
  3. Emergency Support – This level of support is for emergencies that are business critical for your organization and requires immediate attention. TQI’s response time is immediate with ping alerts sent to all technicians. Emergency Support runs 24/7, 365 days a year. Contact this channel at [email protected] when dealing with the following types of issues:
    • Outages
    • Software related issues which are business critical.
  4. AskEVA Support – This support channel is largely used for website content changes and questions. AskEVA request can be anything from small design projects to extra help in the following areas:
    • Project under 4 hours
    • Website content assistance
    • Print materials
    • Presentations
    • Graphics design
    • Extended training and knowledge share
    • Project inquires welcomed
    This channel can be contacted at: [email protected]
  5. eNews Support – This support channel provides anything, and everything tied to communications. If you have communication needs, TQI can do it through the eNews support channel. We will help you with everything from design of newsletters, scheduling, sending, list management, tracking, and reporting.