How to create a Blog Category


Manage > Structure > Taxonomy

A blog Category is what is used to create a new blog or grouping of content on the website. These categories serve as the categorical grouping that articles are assigned to that group articles with the same category. Each blog is considered a “term” which belongs to a “vocabulary”. The vocabulary that we create blog terms in is called “Category”.

How to create and edit terms (blogs):

  • Category: When you are on the taxonomy page you will see multiple vocabularies, locate “Category” and click on “List terms”.
  • Existing Terms: You will see a list of all terms set in a hierarchy. Each of these terms represents a blog. If you click one of the titles, it will lead you to that term (blog).
  • Editing Existing Terms: When viewing the list of terms click on “Edit”. Clicking the edit button will lead you to the term. Here you can change the name of term (blog) and/or the URL alias for the term (blog).
  • Adding a New Term: When viewing the list of terms click on the blue button “Add term”. Clicking this button will lead you to a page were you can add the name and URL of your term (blog). Put the name of your term (blog) in the Name field. Then locate the “URL alias” field and enter the URL for your blog. Remember that URLs do not use capitals nor spaces, instead use a “-“. i.e. – “this-is-my-blog”. After you have entered the Name and URL alias, click the “Save” button. After you have created a term (blog) you can begin assigning Articles to them. For more information see “How to create a Blog Article” and see the instructions on “Category”.