How to create a Call To Action (CTA)


Manage > Structure > Block layout > Custom block library tab > Add custom block button > CTA

A block is a structure within our system that contains content and can be placed in various locations/pages throughout the site. A CTA is a custom block type that can be used to create a CTA so it may be placed on a page. For more instructions on how to place a CTA, see “How to place a Call To Action (CTA)”.

Creating a CTA:

  • Block description: The block description field is the name of your CTA and what you will reference when placing a CTA on a page.
  • CTA Campaign: This is used to assign your CTA to campaign. The campaign must already exist in the system to assign a CTA to it.
  • CTA Image: This is the image that will serve as the clickable link on the page. Ideal image resolutions are 900x300 px for horizontal layouts and 400x600 px for vertical layouts.
  • CTA URL: This is the link that your CTA will link to. This can be a product page, internal webpage, external page, anything with a URL.
  • Link Text: TBD